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At the heart of every wedding is a celebration of an extraordinary moment. We are all drawn into a couple’s love story and we feel their joy as we see their tribes come together and become one family.


This is the magical experience Windsong Tagaytay offers to every bridal couple looking for that perfect place and incredibly romantic environment where their vision of a dream wedding can come to life.



Here in Windsong Tagaytay, you can choose to hold an intimate gathering for just 2 persons, throw a rustic garden party for 100 guests, or host a formal dinner reception for 300 persons, in any of our picturesque spaces. We work with outstanding vendors, curated by specialty, and for their expertise, service excellence and creativity in all things weddings.


Contact us to know more about our preferred vendors.


So tell us about your dream wedding.


Our dedicated team will work closely with you to understand your wishes and in true bespoke fashion, we will help you plan a dream wedding that not only celebrates an extraordinary moment, but delivers a magical experience for everyone.


We look forward to learning more about you, your vision for your dream wedding, and sharing how we can bring it to reality.


Contact us and request a proposal.

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