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Meet In-House
Chef Marc Licaros

Any event worth celebrating is worth celebrating well. In Windsong Tagaytay, we believe food and wine should always enhance the event experience.


The strength of Windsong Tagaytay’s in-house catering service is its custom curated, chef-driven menus.


We take pride in presenting fresh, inspirational and creative “best-in- class” dishes to all Windsong Tagaytay milestone gatherings, weddings and celebrations.

Lanai Tuna Nicoise Salad.jpg

In-house Chef Marc Licaros shares our vision of bringing an elevated dining experience to all event receptions.


A professional chef and seasoned restaurateur, his culinary skills were honed under Chefs Billy King and Marc Aubrey of the renowned Le Souffle, and for many years, was at the helm of the very stylish Lanai Café.

As in-house chef, he will provide guests a unique opportunity to enjoy global gourmet food, putting together handpicked local and international offerings inspired by some of the world’s greatest culinary traditions.


Let Chef Marc Licaros and his team take care of your special event catering service. Everything is bespoke. They will bring culinary finesse and tables full of flavor to each and every event.

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